I Need to Find a Dentist in Mackay for a Check Up or Advice about a Dental Concern

dentist in mackay

At check up appointments we will take the time to speak to you about your concerns; provide a thorough dental examination where we check your teeth and gums; perform a oral cancer check; take any necessary x-rays and intraoral photos (so you can see what is going on in your mouth). This appointment normally takes one hour. If time permits and you have good gum health, we will also perform a professional scale and clean at this appointment.

We find that if people have regular check-ups and preventative care, a lot of dental problems are prevented; meaning less costly dental visits in the future. A lot of people’s expensive dental procedures, could have been avoided if they had visited a dentist sooner.

If you would like some dental advice about a particular concern or problem you have, or would like an opinion on something, we can schedule a consultation appointment, to discuss this. We talk about the options you have and the costs of these and answer any questions you have.

We don’t pressure our patients into treatment options, our job is to take the time to discuss the options you have and the advantages and disadvantages of these, so that way you can decide what is best for you.

Contact us today for your check up.

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