Is Vaping Bad For My Teeth?

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Vapes are marketed as the ‘safer’ alternative to cigarettes. While there is no tobacco in vapes they
do contain nicotine and other harmful chemicals, that can affect your teeth.

So what are the effects of vapes on my teeth?

1) Stained Teeth

Both smoking and vaping introduce harmful chemicals such as nicotine, tar, and other toxins
to the oral cavity. Over time, these substances attach to the teeth and cause them to
become discolored, leading to unsightly yellow or brown stains, impacting your smile.

2) Dry mouth, tooth decay and bad breath

A common side effect of vaping is dry mouth, as it causes reduced saliva. Reduced saliva
means your teeth are more likely to develop tooth decay, as well as bad breath
A key cause of bad breath is a dry mouth. Propylene glycol and glycerol, common ingredients
in vape liquids, cause a drying effect, that reduces saliva production, which is crucial for
maintaining oral cleanliness and health. Insufficient saliva reduces the washing effect in our
mouth, allowing bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease to accumulate in the mouth,
resulting in bad breath.

Vaping can contribute to the decay of teeth. Tooth decay is caused
by plaque — a sticky layer of bacteria (germs) that forms on
your teeth. The germs come from your saliva. The bacteria
turn the sugar in food and drinks into acid. This can slowly
damage your teeth.
Decay in teeth is caused by plaque – a sticky layer of bacteria that forms on the teeth. These
bacteria turn the sugar in food and drinks, into acids, which damages the teeth. If you use a
sweet flavoured vape, it likely contains sugar, so the continuous exposure of your teeth to
this sugar vapour, means these bacteria have a constant supply of sugar, to damage your
Acids are also a by-product of propylene glycol, which is the main ingredient in vaping
liquids. This dissolves the mineral in the teeth and dries the mouth. Glycerol makes the bacteria
and sugar stick to the teeth more, making you more susceptible to decay and more difficult
to clean.

3) Increased Risk of Gum Disease

Using vapes has been linked to an increased risk of developing gum disease. Nicotine
restricts blood flow and weakens the immune system. Therefore your ability to fight off
harmful oral bacteria reduces, leaving the gums vulnerable to infections. Over time, this can
lead to gum inflammation (gingivitis) and progress into severe gum disease (periodontitis)
which means bleeding puffy gums, bad breath, and even tooth loss.

4) Delayed Healing following dental surgery

If you require dental surgery such as implants, extractions, or gum surgeries, vaping can
mean you don’t heal as well afterward. Vapes reduce blood flow to your gums, reducing

oxygen and key nutrients necessary to get to the area that is required for proper healing.
This can mean it takes longer to recover and means you are at more risk of complications
such as infections.

5) Oral Cancer Risk

The biggest concern, it there is increasing evidence that vapes are likely to play a role in the
development of mouth cancer.
As you can see in answer to the first question – vaping is bad for your teeth and likely to be just as
harmful to your dental health as cigarettes.
If you smoke or vape you must visit your dentist regularly. So, you can get regular oral
health and mouth cancer checks, given your increased risk of problems developing.
Remember, our team at My Dentist Mackay is here to provide support, answer your questions, and
offer personalized guidance regarding your dental health. We care about you and your dental health
and are here to support you.

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