Root Canal


Root canal treatment at My Dentist Mackay offers a painless solution to eliminate tooth infection and preserve your natural tooth, ensuring its functionality and aesthetics.

Root Canal Treatment


What is Root Canal


Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic therapy, involves removing the infected pulp from a tooth, disinfecting the cavity, and sealing it to prevent further infection. This process saves the tooth, eliminating the need for extraction, and is a common procedure for treating tooth infections.

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The Root Canal Procedure


The root canal procedure at My Dentist Mackay is typically completed in two appointments. The first involves preparing the tooth, removing the infection, and placing a temporary filling. In the second visit, the tooth is permanently sealed with a filling or a crown, ensuring its strength and durability.


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Understanding the Cost of Root Canal


For information on the cost of root canal treatment, please contact us for a detailed quote. Our pricing is transparent, and we strive to offer affordable options to ensure you receive the necessary treatment without financial stress.


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At My Dentist Mackay, we’re committed to providing painless, effective root canal treatments. Our skilled team uses the latest techniques and technology to ensure the best outcome for your oral health, all within a comfortable and supportive environment.

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FAQs About Root Canal


With the advances in modern dental techniques, there is generally no noticeable change to the appearance of your tooth following a root canal treatment. We strive to preserve the natural look of your tooth. In instances where there might be slight discolouration, we have effective solutions available to restore the original colour and brilliance of your tooth, ensuring it blends seamlessly with your other teeth.

Typically, the root canal treatment is completed over two appointments. These sessions are usually spaced a few weeks apart to allow for thorough cleaning and healing. The duration of each appointment can vary depending on the specific condition of your tooth and the complexity of the root system. We take the time necessary to perform the treatment meticulously, ensuring the best outcome with long-lasting benefits for your oral health.

If you experience symptoms such as persistent tooth pain, sensitivity to heat or cold, tooth discolouration, or swelling and tenderness in the nearby gums, it might be indicative of a serious infection requiring a root canal. These symptoms often point to damage deep within the tooth where the nerve is located. Prompt attention to these signs can prevent further complications and help save the tooth.

Caring for your tooth post-root canal is crucial for its longevity and overall health. Regular brushing at least twice a day, flossing daily, and attending regular dental check-ups are essential. These practices help to prevent new infections and ensure the health of both the treated tooth and your entire mouth. Remember, a well-cared-for tooth can last as long as your natural teeth!

Choosing not to undergo a root canal when needed can lead to significant health risks, including the spread of infection to other parts of your body and increasing pain. The alternative would typically be tooth extraction, which we strive to avoid. Our goal is to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible, as losing a tooth can lead to other dental issues, including misalignment of your remaining teeth and difficulties in eating and speaking. Opting for a root canal can prevent these problems and maintain your oral and overall health.

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