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Plan Your Smile Makeover

It’s time. You’re tired of the way your teeth look. You’ve worked hard, looked after everyone else, and now it is time to do something for you (finally…)  You’ve been self-conscious about your smile for a while now and would love to be able to relax and have the confidence that nice teeth and a good looking smile offer.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to a smile makeover. Everyone is unique and needs a customised makeover plan that suits them.

After a consult with dentist Dr Debra, your plan will be carefully tailored just for you.

So here’s what you can expect to happen:

1/ The Initial Consultation

We discuss your concerns and your current dental situation and discuss how you would like your teeth to look.  At this appointment, usually, photos, a full dental examination, x-rays and sometimes digital scans of your teeth will be taken. This allows us to plan how to get the result you desire.

Smile Analysis

With special smile design software, we analyse your smile. We look at where your teeth should be positioned to produce the best cosmetic result for you – according to your concerns, requests, individual situation and facial appearance.

Once your smile is analysed Dr Deb can spend time considering your most favourable options.

2/ Second Consultation

Here you can discuss your options together and find out what will be involved, how long it will take and costs to produce your new smile.

It is a big decision for you to go ahead with a smile makeover – the confidence a new smile brings you can significantly change your life.

A good result (like anything), comes from good planning and thoughtful preparation.

At this stage, it’s likely that teeth whitening will be recommended. In some cases, you may be recommended orthodontic treatment in order to produce better results.

3/ New Smile ‘Test-Drive’

The next step is a try-in of your new smile. You get to see what your smile is like before it is made for you and any changes can be before anything invasive is done.

4/ Prepare

Your teeth are then prepared ready for your new smile.  During this time, you will have a temporary smile to wear until your permanent ones are ready.

5/ Happy Smile

Your new teeth will be tested and a final check will be made to ensure you’re happy with them before placing them permanently.

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