10 Tips To Ensure Your Child’s First Dentist Visit Is A Success

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10 Tips To Ensure Your Child’s First Dentist Visit Is A Success

Dentists recommend that children have their first checkup around 2 years of age.

That first visit and interaction with the dentist i.e. new person they’ve never seen before ….and who wants to look in their mouth (!)… can be fun, enjoyable and create a positive start into lifelong care.

It’s often far more daunting for parents. Just because you may have apprehensions about dentist visits because of your previous experiences,  your child hasn’t.

We love to work together with parents to make this experience pleasant – here are a few things that we do.

During your visit, the dentist will offer your child:

  • To have a ‘ride in the chair’
  • To have their ‘teeth counted’
  • To watch ABC Kids on the overhead TV’
  • To ‘get a prize’ at the end!

Here are some ideas that parents can do:

Before your appointment, you can tell your child what a dentist does;

‘We’re going to see the dentist and she helps to keep your teeth healthy and strong.’

What will happen at the appointment…  

‘The dentist is going to count and tickle your teeth.’

~ Tell them what dentists wear…

‘The dentist is going to wear some gloves and a mask because she knows how precious your teeth are.’

~ Tell them about the chair …

‘The dentist has a special big chair that takes you for a little ride.’

~ Bring your child along to your dental check-up so they can see what happens and how good you feel afterwards.

Read your child a book about first dental visits. We have some books at our practice if you would like to borrow them before your visit

~ Watch Peppa Pig on YouTube – ‘Peppa Pig dentist’, Season 2 Episode 18

~ Keep things positive – plan something good for afterwards such as a visit to the park.

~ If you’re nervous about the dentist, be careful not to let your child pick up on this.

Our dentist has been taking care of children’s teeth in Mackay for many years.  We never ‘push’ a child that isn’t ready.
If you are looking for a dentist for the whole family in Mackay, we are here to help.  

Book an appointment or contact us for more info.

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