Hate Trying To Floss & Considering A Water Flosser?

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You hate to floss right? I get it. Wrapping bits of string around your fingers and poking into difficult-to-access places, isn’t much fun. Plus it takes so much time and you are so busy!

Do I even need to floss?

Well, the short answer is.. yes, you do!

Tooth brushing alone only cleans half the tooth making you much more susceptible to cavities and gum disease.

How about using a water flosser, it looks pretty easy (and quick)?

Well… cavities and gum disease are caused by plaque that sticks to your teeth and is what we try to clean off when we brush and floss. But….plaque is VERY sticky.

It’s like when children leave sticky fingerprints on a glass door or window, washing with water isn’t going to get it off – not even a gurney, (..a big water flosser) is going to get those marks off. As soon as the water dries, they’ll still be there.

Soap, a cloth, and some elbow grease are what’s needed to remove the sticky marks properly. Or in the case of your mouth, toothpaste, a toothbrush, and floss plus some elbow grease are needed to get the plaque off. You just can’t ‘wash’ off plaque with a water flosser.

Do water flossers do anything?

Sure, they’ll get rid of debris between your teeth, so if you’ve got something stuck there they’ll probably get it out for you. It’s unfortunate that they just don’t remove much plaque because it’s plaque that causes tooth problems.

Using a water flosser is a bit like standing in the shower with your mouth open, it’s not going to do much except make a fair amount of mess. Plus, they aren’t easy to keep clean.

To water floss or not?

After considering the scientific research and our own experience of using these devices, they are NOT something we recommend.

They are of little real benefit. The only time we would recommend is if you have some complex implant work in your mouth, it may help with cleaning around this.

Is there an easier way to clean around braces, check these handy tips on the video > click here

Okay, what should I do then, I still hate to floss…

Yes, flossing can be awkward so try some interdental brushes, such as piksters, they are a good alternative, easy to use, pop in your pocket or bag if needed, and they are particularly good for people with gum disease.

Considering an electric toothbrush or wondering what kind of toothbrush and toothpaste Dentists recommend – check here to see my preferences.

More about flossing – click here to find out if you really do need to floss!


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