4 Simple Steps to Good Dental Health & Avoiding Costly Dentist Treatments

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Life is so busy, running around after the kids, keeping the house in order, work…. It often seems there isn’t enough time for you!

Good Dental Health – When it comes to looking well, having a confident smile and avoiding costly dentist visits there are 4 quick and easy steps you can start doing today.

Include these into your daily routine:

1.Don’t Rush With The Brush!

Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, two minutes, twice a day,  reduces your risk of decay and promotes good dental health.

It isn’t how often you brush; it’s how well you brush that’s important.  That means brushing all the surfaces of the teeth as well as the gums and for the recommended full two minutes (use the timer on your phone to check – it might surprise you how long two minutes really is!)

2. Floss Like A Boss!

I know you don’t like it. You can’t see or feel the benefits, it’s a struggle and you’re super busy!

But… if you don’t floss, you’re only cleaning half the tooth’s surface, leaving you at risk of cavities.

Dentists have a joke – ‘only floss the teeth you want to keep’ – only we would find it funny, but it is so true…

Ask us how to show you to do it properly; there’s a ‘knack’ to flossing.  There are lots of things you can get these days to help flossing as well – holders and handles – we can help you find something that suits you.


You Are What You Eat

Diet contributes to about half of all dental cavities.  Even if you don’t have lollies, biscuits or soft drink, and think you are all good – well… not quite.

You’d be surprised where sugar turns up in foods these days! Pasta, bread, breakfast cereal, yogurt, pre-made sauces (e.g. pasta sauces), crackers.. all have lots of sugar in them – pretty sure you will have some of these in your diet.

We all eat a lot more prepackaged and processed food than we should, and it is full of sugar. Eating less sugar is easier said than done and it will mean a few changes.

It’s usually those in between meal snacks that are the real clincher when it comes to dental problems.  It means the teeth are covered in sugar for a longer time and so more likely to lead to cavities.

If you need an in between meal snack, why not try – nuts, vegetable sticks or popcorn. They have the added benefit to your weight as well.

4.Don’t Skip Your Check Ups

Attend your recommended checkup appointments. Your dentist will look for any issues that may cause problems – such as cavities, gum disease (which is painless by the way) or tooth wear due to clenching and grinding.

Getting these treated in the early stages, means a lot less damage in the long term; saving you time, pain and money.

These 4 easy steps will ensure you are on the way to good healthy teeth and gums.


If you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to call and ask.

To ensure your dental health is on track, book an appointment or contact us for more info.

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